About Grand Master Tsai

About Grand Master TsaiChi Yuan Tsai (John Tsai) began the practice of southern Shaolin martial art at the age of seven under the disciplined training of his great uncle, Si Chun San. He has devoted 60 years of study and life focus to martial art and Shaolin Mei Hua.

Grandmaster Tsai has honorably carried on the family tradition and shared his knowledge and techniques with his American students who have achieved national and international tournament championships. Hundreds of his students became teachers and masters.

He taught tens of thousands of students in Chicago and is well known in that city as the Grandfather of Kung Fu. Chicago Sun Times applauded him as teacher of teachers and Inside Kung Fu National Magazine praised him as coach of champions.

He personally completed more than 200 tournament championships and achieved many national championship titles. His teaching helped to lead one of his young students to reach the Olympics and win a gold medal. Another student of Grandmaster Tsai won the international full contact championship.

He created a self-defense video, How to Protect Yourself, and is considered the number 1 self-defense teacher in America.

After years of training thousands of external martial artists Grandmaster Tsai has spent the last several years creating an Internal Black Belt lineage. Grandmaster Tsai helps students develop their Qi, the unseen life force within us known as internal energy in Kung Fu.

Traditional martial artists and non-martial artists alike seek out Grandmaster Tsai to cultivate their internal energy. Traditional martial artists want to develop their Qi to produce explosive strikes at lightning speed. Non-martial artists commonly cultivate their Qi to improve their mental and physical health. Qi helps to block out pain and enhance healing capabilities.

Grandmaster Tsai has developed over 30 at home study programs making it possible for anyone to learn internal or external martial arts from the comfort of their own home. Currently over 1 million copies of his best sellers have been sold.

Grand Master Tsai’s Credentials:

  • Two Time Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts World Champion
  • Present U.S. President for World Budo Federation Union
  • Present VP of China’s Cultural Heritage Mei Hua Association
  • Present U.S. Shaolin Mei Hua Director
  • Present World Martial Art Grandmaster Council Board of Directors
  • Former Board of Director in the group that created USWKF.